Jenn Piccolo
Andrea Reinsmoen
Bron Weale
Kevin Crouch
Martin Reinsmoen
Madeleine Heide
Jane McGee
Shabbi Luthra

This group will identify a framework that teachers can use in planning for differentiation using current best practice models.

Summer tasks:
1. Search for articles that this group should read over the break - best articles. Post them on this wiki.
2. Everyone will read the articles and post notes on the Notes page (Please add your name.)

August tasks:
1. Three or Four meetings to determine the framework.
2. Communicate the framework with the LT to share out with divisions.

J. Piccolo: Book: Differentiation from Planning to Practice Grades 6-12 by Rick Wormeli (2007). Breaks down different instructional models for differentiation and gives practical real examples of how to differentiate lessons for different disciplines (math, science, language arts...). Good practical resource.

SL - Carol Ann Tomlinson's presentation on Differentiation -

MMH - There are a number of excellent resources on differentiation from ASCD that I purchased this summer and am reading:
1. Exploring Differentiated Instruction by Cindy Strickland - this is an excellent resource with structures and materials ready for a Professional Learning Community to explore to learn more about differentiation.
2. Professional Development for Differentiating Instruction by Cindy Strickland - this is a set of action tools to be used for staff development to increase understanding and use of differentiation.
3. Tools for High Quality Differentiated Instruction - This binder has many articles and relevant staff development activities to be used to learn more about differentiation.
4. Role of Assessment in Differentiation - This ppt was shared during a conference-external image pdf.png RoleofAssessmentinaDifferentiatedClassroom_Handout.pdf
5. Presentation by Carol A. Tomlinson - external image DI.ppt

6. - this has some resource

external image msword.png Learner Constructing meaning PYP.doc


Using Instructional Websites to Differentiate -

SL - Someone has created this webspace --

Found another great resource -

Article by Carol Ann Tomlinson - Differentiating Instruction for Advanced Learners in the Mixed Ability Middle School Classroom -

Principles of Differentiation --

Carol Ann Tomlinson's Differentiated Classroom -- this is a Google Book

Resources for Differentiation --
Differentiation Central

A good resource -

MMH: Access Center
This is a free, online, user-friendly, searchable database to help educators identify and compare assistive and learning software and products and related research for students with special needs. The TechMatrix allows users to create custom searches for mathematics, reading, writing, and assistive access devices and programs.

A presentation by Vicki Davis -


A process rough draft suggestion external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.png DI process.docx
A website process version

external image pdf.png Approaches to Differentiating Instruction Six Terms.pdf
external image pdf.png Key Principles of High Quality Differentiation.pdf
external image pdf.png RoleofAssessmentinaDifferentiatedClassroom_Handout.pdf